About Hayward Financial Services, Inc.

I founded Hayward Financial Services, Inc., in 1981 and built my business with a combination of quality service, client-first thinking, and sound business principals that are based on a strong Code of Ethics.  I am an advisor of high integrity who utilizes my years of experience and education in both financial and insurance planning to assist my clients.

My emphasis is on defining client’s needs and goals, taking an educational approach with all clients. I am committed to building long-term relationships and providing unbiased and intelligent guidance that is uniquely suited to my client’s objectives. I listen to my client’s concerns and intentions in order to assist them in determining a plan that will help work for their timeline and objectives. As a result, you will be working with a financial advisor who will provide you with long-term strategies and a customized financial solution that is centered on your preferences and suited to your distinct needs and goals.

The relationship between client and advisor is very personal, it is important to be comfortable with the individual chosen, which comes down to the question of trust. My clients have chosen to work with me because they trust me. They trust me to keep their best interests in mind, to work diligently on their behalf, to give them straightforward advice, and to keep them informed on any changes that need to be made.

I am always available to my clients for any questions or concerns and by working with Hayward Financial Service Inc., they are tapping into the extended network of Cetera Advisor Networks LLC.

Also, at Hayward Financial Services, I have assembled a strong team, all working together with me toward a mutual cause – to help our clients on the right path to realizing their financial goals.  To learn more about my team, please view “Our Staff”