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"The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our progress."

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Tonya Hayward-Demme

Investment Advisor Representative

Accredited Investment Fiduciary  

Registered Life & Health Underwriter

Tonya exudes warmth, caring, dedication and leadership with a passion for helping people.  She has worked in the insurance and investment industry over 40 years and opened Hayward Financial Services in 1981.   

Tonya is a person of integrity, both personally and professionally.  She believes that honesty and ethical business practices are the ultimate foundation of our purpose as a firm. 

Tonya's passions are music, photography, exercise, travel and being with friends and family.  Bo is retired from his company, Emerald Paving, an asphalt company, and Sadie is working for an Opthomologist. She and Jake are getting married and we are so excited! Tonya has an adorable Bolognese little dog, named Bella. She is the superstar in the family.

Tonya's motto has always been "In serving my clients, I recommend a course of action which, if I were in the same situation, I would apply to myself."

Email Tonya at tonya@haywardfinancial.com


Lena Bonasera, Insurance Department

Lena joined Hayward Financial Services, Inc. in June 1999. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration at UW. She is a Licensed Agent for Life and Health insurance and has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years.  Lena is your primary contact for all health insurance plans as she manages the Insurance Department.  She works closely with Tonya on processing medical, life, disability and long term care insurance quotes and applications. 

Lena is the proud mother of identical twin girls, Jaeda & Tristyn. She and her husband, Colin, enjoy taking the girls camping, fishing, and out to either play or watch hockey. Lena also enjoys writing, fashion, and expressing her creativity in creating jewelry

Hannah Casabona, Administrative Assistant

Hannah is an exciting, warm, and welcoming person. In 2021, she graduated from Pepperdine University with a B.A. in Psychology. Following her college education, she embarked on her journey to become a Financial Planner. After completing the vigorous courses, Hannah is a Registered Investment Advisor. She has been hired onto the team to assist Tonya in servicing clients with a smile as we help them reach their financial goals.

Originally from Arizona, Hannah now resides in Santa Monica, CA. Here, Hannah enjoys reading by the beach, exercising, and hosting friends and family in the wonderful city. 

Hannah is looking to be at your service! We are all excited to have her be an important part of our team. 

Email Hannah at hannah@haywardfinancial.com 


Mari Astakhova, Administrative Assistant

Mariya Astakhova is a compassionate, ambitious, and warm person with a love for helping others. She is the latest addition to the team at Cascade Guided Wealth as an executive assistant. She is currently attending the University of Washington as a Dean's list student, majoring in computer science and minoring in genetics.

In her free time, Mari loves to ride horses competitively in the discipline of eventing and take care of her indoor jungle of plants. After sustaining a major pelvic injury on horseback, she has just gotten back to riding and is excited to see where she goes next in her equestrian career.

Mari immigrated from Ukraine to the United States as a child. Due to not growing up with financial stability as an immigrant, she is incredibly passionate about learning everything regarding financial wellness and success. She is excited about pursuing her passions at Cascade Guided Wealth and is dedicated to assisting clients in all of their financial goals.

Email Mari at mari@cascadegw.com


We would like to introduce to you Lauree A. Harrison, CFP®, Financial Advisor and Tonya's OSJ Branch Manager (Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction).

Lauree Harrison is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who specializes in Financial Planning for individuals, families and small businesses. As an independent representative, her goal is to provide comprehensive planning, wealth management and financial education so that clients can feel confident and knowledgeable about their future.

In her 11+ years with Cetera, she has become passionate about getting to know clients from all backgrounds and assisting them in planning for their goals. Coming from a financially insecure background herself, she understands the value in creating stability and financial independence for oneself.

A Washington native, Lauree graduated from Washington State University in 2011 with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Accounting and International Business. Lauree lives in Seattle, and when she is not working, she can be found running or hiking the Cascades with her husband and daughter. She is very involved with her running community, the Seattle Green Lake Running Group, and has completed 9 marathons with their support. She has also completed many backpacking and hiking routes throughout the region, but is always looking for trail recommendations!

Lauree has had the opportunity to serve as a volunteer run coach for the non-profit Girls on the Run. The organization seeks to empower young girls by teaching them life skills and confidence through running.

Email Lauree at lauree@cascadegw.com


Jessica Gober, Administrative Assistant

Jessica Gober has been with Cetera for over five years now and greatly enjoys working in the financial services industry. Having earned several registrations in that time, she serves as a registered Investment Assistant and assistant OSJ Branch Manager to Lauree Harrison. Jessica handles many of the administrative tasks of the office, including assisting clients with their day-to-day financial needs and transactions. She enjoys getting to know clients and providing superb service to them.

Jessica graduated from Washington State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in General Medical Sciences with minors in Chemistry, English, and Russian. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Linguistics.

A Washington native, Jessica currently resides in the Bellevue area. When not working, she is often found writing or devouring a good story. She published three novels in 2013 and continues to enjoy pursuing this creative outlet as hobby.  Email Jessica at jessica@cascadegw.com


Felicia Fly, Advisory Associate

Felicia Fly is thrilled to be joining Cascade Guided Wealth and Cetera Advisor Networks as an Advisory Associate focused on wealth management, tailoring financial plans to clients' goals, building relationships, and financial education. She is also a proud member of The Association of African American Financial Advisors. As a Junior Financial Advisor, Felicia's main goal is to help clients navigate the current economic landscape and plan for the future, building their wealth along the way.

She has spent over 6 years at one of largest banks in the country – almost that entire time as a Banker – and brings a wealth of knowledge from the banking industry with her. Coming from a family background with little financial means, she understands how financial security is critical in enhancing clients' quality of life and is passionate about helping clients succeed.

Felicia is also a proud Washington State native. Born in Seattle and growing up on the eastern side of the state, Felicia graduated from Washington State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Minor in French. Although she studied French for 8 years, she has also studied Spanish for 5 years and took a German class or two along the way.

Away from the office, Felicia enjoys hiking with her husband and friends, playing Disc Golf, and drawing. Over the last year and a half, she has also spent time dabbling in learning how to code and developing apps. Her curiosity for learning never ends, and that thirst for knowledge fuels her desire to stay on top of the latest financial news.

Email Felicia at felicia@cascadegw.com



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